Tuesday, 22 February 2011

On the Precipice

I woke up this morning with tremendous energy. Year Zero began badly but I felt as though the first day was almost like I was cleansing myself of the old demons. Best to get them out of the way on day one so I can move forward freely. Today, I was 100% certain that I would stick to my strategy and things would start to improve.

Kohlschreiber v Troicki

Great start, just what I needed. Thought about going back in for more profit but realised I just needed to get a win of any kind and left it.

Lopez v Lu

Another splendid trade but sod's law, Lu retired at 5-0. One more game, Lu, one more game!! Where's your tennis etiquette? FINISH THE SET! Is it just me or are players now deliberately retiring BEFORE the end of the set? This is the 5th retirement I've seen recently with the score one game away from the set. Maybe they all realise what it means in terms of betting and voids? I wasn't happy but these things happen, it was just my current luck that it would happen just when I was starting to get some momentum. Empty pot for The Sultan.

Pennetta v Zheng

I have to hold my hand up and admit that I did not follow my strategy to the letter here. However, there were extenuating circumstances which threw up an opportunity I felt was too good to ignore. Sometimes you need to adapt your strategy to take into account unusual opportunities and so I felt vindicated as I was 99% sure this move would work. Plus, I badly needed a good win as I was starting to feel agitated after the Lu retirement!

Hantuchova v Azarenka

The first time my anger spilled out today. I had a decent green but let it slide back to a red. After that, nothing I did seemed to go my way and I was stressed to the max. So I left the PC, hit a few walls, had a cuppa tea and returned to the final set and whittled down the red. I kept my head at least, didn't do anything drastic but the loss of momentum I was gaining was a real downer.

Youhzny v Simon

Just completely lost it. Didn't stick to my strategy and didn't rectify the mistake immediately. Decided to just red out for £125 and not risk making it worse. Again, I was too impatient - I did something I don't think I have ever even done before, that's how stupid it was. This is it now. One more major mistake and I'm dead and buried.

Jovanovski v Mirza

Well I've gotta tell you guys, I thought it was all over. I followed my strategy but nothing was going my way, just like the Azarenka game. I lost my head and started putting in risky trades, digging myself even deeper. I don't know how I got out of it, it is all a blur. Towards the end of the match I suddenly saw light at the end of the tunnel and managed to manoeuvre my way out for a good win. I'm still hanging on in there by the skin of my teeth!

Dulko v Tatishvilli

Honestly don't know what I was thinking here. Foolish, just foolish.

Starace v Cuevas

A desperate straight bet. It lost.

The prognosis? Year Zero isn't working! I think it's because of the added pressure I now have because I am down to the last of my remaining funds. I think this has made me even more impatient to get involved and start racking up profit. I start the day fine but once one or two things go against me, the pressure builds and I go and do something stupid, expecting the win and not preparing for when it goes wrong. By the time I do something about it, it's too late - huge red.

But at this stage, there really is nothing more I can change. I guess mentally, I just don't have it and I never will. I don't even have the enthusiasm anymore. The last two bets were just hopeless chasing, nothing to do with trading. I may return tomorrow, I may not. Right now, Centre Court Trading is just about over.


  1. Sorry to hear about your losses mate, have enjoyed reading your blog...hope you can turn it around but I know how hard this can be!

  2. Thanks Guy. Unfortunately, today has been another bad day, I'd say it's over for me now.

  3. I´ve also enjoyed reading your blog..mostly because I can relate to your problems. It´s quite hard to find a place where you can read about the downsides of trading and how hard it can be...
    A few weeks back I lost about 2/3 of my whole trading bank in just three days...That experience really opened my eyes to my mistakes and took me to a next level so to say...now I´m slowly but steadily rebuilding my bank...I hope things work out for you!

  4. Cheers Andres. I wish that I could learn from my mistakes! I've done so many banks down the years, you'd think I would be great at this by now. I just keep repeating the same errors. I now realise why that is but it's probably too late now. Good luck with your rebuilding!

  5. Great read, I think the issue really has been this blog, you seem to have put crazy amounts of pressure on yourself to put together something that was benefitting an side of you that you didn't need to share. 18 months ago I wiped out on several occassions, recently I've taken several knocks due to lack of discipline and what i saw as "sporting bets", a little fun etc.
    The most important thing I learnt is to protect the bank, understand my limitations and reduce my expectations, takes away all the stress. And dont give a shyte about what other people do, just focus on you and what works for you.

  6. You are right that at first, I did start feeling an extra pressure from writing this blog. It definitely affected me. But I can't blame it anymore because if I was that bothered by it, I wouldn't still be posting up all my losses! The pressure is more financial than worrying about what others think. But reducing expectations is something I really struggle with and need to work on.


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