Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year's Resolutions

I finished 2011 with my 'Low-lights' of the year but want to start 2012 positively, with a couple of highlights from my first year of blogging. I struggled badly over the summer and was forced to make drastic changes to my entire approach. It turned out to be the best thing that could have happened. I finally found a style that suited my personality, fully grasped the concept of value and over-came my issues with focus, frustration and redding-up. These two posts were made just when trading finally began to click for me in all aspects:

'Right Brain Trading'

The Perfect 24 Hours

We should always be striving to improve as traders though, so my New Year trading resolutions are as follows:

1. Continue to trade only when I feel there is value
2. Trade without any monetary goals or time-limits
3. Continue not to look at my P&L until the end of each week
4. Move as much as possible over to Betdaq once the Geek's Toy purple is released
5. Take time off from trading more often, when required
6. Continue to work on keeping those frustration levels low
7. Eradicate my impatience

If I manage not to break those resolutions, 2012 might just be my year. Here's world number 68, Russia's Alisa Kleybanova (yes, that is actually her - amazing what make -up can do these days! She has this as her Twitter profile photo, so clearly agrees!):


  1. Why would you move over to betdaq? As far as I can see their in-running tennis liquidity is terrible. It'll be near non-existent for late night aus matches....

    I tried over there when I got hit with premium charge, but it just doesn't cut it, don't see you motivation for using daq.

  2. Motivation is obvious - no premium charge and lower commission. Been screwed around by Betfair on numerous occassions which I've mentioned on the blog. And if that's not enough of a reason, read my interview with Scott Ferguson!

    And I have traded on Betdaq on several occasions over the past 6 months and liquidity on the big games and most of the ones with streams on Bet365 has been fine, more than adequate for my needs. The only way it will get better for ALL games, is by more people moving over - you either wait and moan or get pro-active and help out.

  3. Hi The Sultan,

    I am interested in exchanging links. I have added you to my ''Best Blog Supporters'' on High Class Equine. Take a look and see what you think: I don't have any tennis traders on HCE, and your great blog will make a perfect addition.

    Kind Regards,

  4. Hi Jason, I've added you, don't normally add horse racing blogs but yours looks interesting so will give it a go!

  5. Thanks, much appreciated. Drop me an email if I can help publicise your blog etc. I will put a link on Twitter in a few mins as a thank you. We have nearly 5,000 followers so I'm sure many will enjoy your prose.

    Kind regards,


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