Sunday, 8 January 2012

Tennis Traders Unite!

On Tuesday at 00.01 GMT, me and all my fellow tennis traders have a unique opportunity. We can change the face of tennis on the betting exchanges. I know that some of you will be sitting there thinking 'It won't happen' but I say that it is exactly that sort of negative attitude that has us in the position we are in today, whereby we are getting shafted for up to 60% of our hard-earned profit.

OK, I can understand that people have been reluctant to be the first to make the switch to Betdaq and put up prices to set markets - too much effort for not enough reward, right? Especially when you are just a small fish, with a small bank, who isn't likely to hit the PC for years.

But now, you've been given an ultimatum by Betfair - give up almost a whole day's tennis trading (8 hours at least and who is to say it won't go on for longer) or go elsewhere. They think you won't be going anywhere, which is exactly why they've chosen to do this 'essential maintenance' directly through the tennis schedule. Do you think they would plan this outage during a busy horse racing afternoon or a couple of Premier League matches? Hell no! No other sport is going to be affected quite as badly as tennis, which shows just how much disregard is being shown towards us.

However you look at it, this does have one massive advantage for all us tennis traders - a window of opportunity. As usual, Betdaq don't appear to have cottoned onto this opening (can't see any promotion at all on their site regarding tennis on Tuesday - they should have me on their marketing team!), so it's up to us to make a difference. But we can be the first sport to really tip the balance in Betdaq's favour. All we have to do is make a small effort and try out Betdaq for a few hours on Tuesday morning. If liquidity looks good (and it WILL look good if EVERYONE who would normally have traded on Betunfair that night, makes the move) then it's a case of keeping things as they are - stay on Betdaq.

It really is that simple. But it won't work unless everyone (big and small players) make the effort. Us tennis traders can be heroes this Tuesday January 11th - BETDAQ DAY. Don't sit there and do nothing, like a mug.

Off-court Beauty: world number 18 Dominica Cibulkova of Slovakia:


  1. Whilst I admire your crusading spirit Sultan, I suspect Betfair's decision is based more on the assumption that most of their customers will be catching some zeeees in those hours than on wanting tp persecute tennis traders per se!

  2. Of course, but you are missing a few points Gundulf. Firstly, if it was football or horse racing on, they wouldn't dare hold the down-time then.

    Secondly, they are still doing maintenance at a time when most tennis traders will actually be trading. You only have to look at how much is traded on these Australian tournaments to know that this is a poor time for them choose, if only cos it is going to affect a whole day's trading for us regulars.

    I'm sure they could have waited a couple of weeks, by which time, the 3rd most traded sport on Betfair would have finished its Australian season.

    If they genuinely couldn't wait 3 weeks then a quieter day could have been chosen - there are 4 tournaments on this week and Tuesday is only the second round, which equates to lots of games.

    Also, surely there is a much quieter evening they could have chosen for downtime? Or at least made it fairer so that instead of one sport being completely shut-out, a few hours were taken off from times when football or racing is on too (i.e. push the time back or forward by 4 hours)? I'm not syaing they are 'persecuting' tennis traders but they could have made it much fairer - the entire 8 hours encompasses an entire day's tennis schedule but no major football or horse racing. How is that fair?

    It's all beside the point anyway. It's a chance to move and this needs to be grasped!

  3. I would argue that College Football is suffering more than tennis since this outage is while the National Championship game (the biggest game of the season) is taking place. Hard to imagine a planned outage taking place during the Gentlemen's Singles final at Wimbledon! We can both agree it is awful scheduling.

  4. You never know, the 'downtime' betfair are suggesting might well improve the site. I doubt it, but live in hope nonetheless.

  5. too little too late, should have done it when Betfair hit everybody with the new premium charge.

  6. as I know, tennis is the 3rd biggest matched sport all over Betfair, after soccer and horses.

    it is not chess or waterpool to ignore, it is top3 biggest market for betfair, so we cant say that they dont care tennis :o

    they prepare for AO and prefer to ignore 1 day of small Sydney tournament.

  7. "too little, too late" - not at all! Very negative attitude. Agree, everyone should have move then but it didn't quite happen. Time to move on and do what we can now. It's never too late and this is an opportunity - nothing has changed, we still have the PC but now we have Geek's Toy and a day without Betfair.

    And it's not just Sydney (which is a PREMIER WTA event by the way, one of the biggest of the year) but also ATP Sydney, ATP Auckland and WTA Hobart.

    And has this 'downtime' ever improved Betfair in the past? Not as far as I can see! And it never will unless it's to remove unfair charges.

  8. The liquidity during the night on the tennis this last week has been dire on Betfair let alone Betdaq. As much as I'd like to see a shift in power I'm afraid it isn't going to happen tonight.

  9. big game tonight is coming while betfair will be down: Wozniacki - Cibulkova (on photo)

    at betdaq so far is matched... 0 eur, i am also big fan of this action and i am about to fight betfair monopoly and sick 60% charges, but common... 0 eur still on the biggest night match (1 am) ?

    lets hop in-play will be good enough cause i moved to betdaq.

  10. Nick, have to disagree with you as I've traded lots of games on Betfair this week and last and the bigger games have had excellent liquidity. Of course, the smaller matches have not been as good but that is always going to happen with so many matches on at the same time and at such a late hour for European traders.

    And why wouldn't it happen tonight? It's pretty simple - if the majority move, it WILL happen.

    If nothing happens, nothing happens, but don't let it be because you didn't even try.

  11. Betdaq need MONEY to compete with huge betfair... it is like weak man city was nothing in premiership but with arab money can even win this league.

    you understand? as here ex-betfair worker wrote in blog, its all about MONEY.

    and now if huge and ritch LADBROKES would co-operate with Betdaq than we are done and we have a real competition, betfair would be in troubles than with stupid extra charges and big commisions.

    betdaq + money ladbrokes = succes, isnt it?
    here is sth to read:

  12. Fair comment mate re several matches being on at the same time but come on, be realistic here, how many full timers are there? You're surely not expecting/hoping that people who have day jobs to stay up through the night to make some kind of statement? It's a good opportunity, granted, but the timing of it couldn't be worse. Betdaq aren't even helping themselves to boot. That, quite frankly, tells me a lot.

  13. Nick, if you took the money that was matched last night on the bigger games (Kuznetsova v Zvonareva is a good exampe, which started at around 2am and I did trade so I know the figures were big) you are talking about huge sums. If those same people who were involved in those games just did the same tonight on Betdaq, that is all it will take. Why is that asking too much?

  14. we need a hacker who would steal e-mail of betfair clients, and than to send them email:

    betfair has bigger commision, huge irrealistic premium charges and many downtimes... go try with

    than it would be succesfull, but now im afraid that still too few clients know about this alternative and action day of betdaq = tuesday.

  15. Lots of free software for Betdaq for ages, made no difference. Let's face it Betfair have won because nobody did anything when the big charges came. You included by the look of it.

  16. Anon (just above) - You are wrong to accuse me of that and you should really get your facts straight and read back through my blog. I did trade on Betdaq several times back in July and August and that free software was poor in my opinion.

    I tried them all and wasn't comfortable and it cost me money, which is why I stopped. I have waited for Geeks Toy Betdaq since and now it's here, have tried again. You can read what happened in my next post...........

  17. Sultan, I put some money pre-match and had £11 matched. I then looked in play and where was the money? Nowhere to be seen. Did you and the likes of tradeshark put any money in there? I didn't see much evidence that you did. Needless to say after 15 minutes of waiting just like everyone else I gave up and went to bed. And where were Betdaq pushing this? Nowhere! Nice idea but wrong time wrong place in this instance. There will be other opportunities but we might be waiting for some time yet.

  18. I waited a damn sight longer than you Nick, so how would you know what I or Trade Shark or anyone else did?

    I don't place bets pre-match and I'm not going to offer anything unless I find an opportunity, am I?

    As it goes, I did actually put some cash up and I got matched AND I made profit. I stayed watching the makets for over 2 hours (watched the Cibulkova game)- so I waited longer AND put up more money in-play than you. So hush!

  19. Hi Sultan,
    It was a brave attempt by yourself to get people to move over to betdaq. I have looked at them myself, but to be honest, although I found the football markets much, much faster to load there, the amount of money matched was loss (in general). I think betfair have too big a lead over betdaq, in order for betdaq to compete.

    I didn't join you on 'Betdaq Tuesday' because I was unable to stay up so late to capitalise on the tennis. I hope to continue monitoring the status if betdaq, but until a lot more people make the switch, betfair will, sadly, remain as the number one trading site.

  20. Thanks 500-5000 (you need to get youself a new moniker, something more catchy!) but the football markets are much further away from competing with Betunfair. Tennis has proved last year that it can compete and so it's realistic to suggest that they can at least provide decent liquidity for most people.


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