Sultan Tennis Trading Guide


How I Went From THOUSANDS of £££s in Debt to THOUSANDS of £££s in Profit......Watching Sport for a Living!!

And You Can Too!! 



The Ultimate Guide to Making £££ Trading Tennis on Betfair  


Are you into sports trading/betting but:

  • Struggle to make consistent profit?
  • Lose money betting and are interested in the less risky appeal of trading?
  • Want to become a professional sports trader on Betfair?

  • Are you fed up with "Golden Egg Laying Goose"  lies and guides which tell you how easy it is to make money trading?
  • Have you tried the usual 15-40, Back the Server strategies with no results?
  • Do you want to know how the best pro traders THINK and ACT?
  • Are you fed up losing money on the slow, boring football markets and fancy trying the dynamic tennis markets?

is perfect for you!! 

Or are you new to trading and:

  • Want a way of making a substantial, tax-free (in the UK) income?
  • Are looking for a side-hustle?
  • Would like some extra cash to take that dream holiday, pay off those debts or buy that new car?
  • Want a way of making money from your laptop anywhere with an internet connection?

  is also perfect for you!! 

You could soon be seeing "all-green" screens such as the one above; a screenshot of my trading software during a match I traded.

The two green figures showing £306.14 in the right column, indicate that I WILL PROFIT REGARDLESS OF WHO WINS!! (Kukushkin or Wawrinka). This is the beauty of trading, as opposed to betting.

will teach you how to do this, time and time again in the tennis trading markets on betting exchanges such as Betfair. And best of all, this profit is 100% TAX FREE!! (in the UK).


I'm a normal guy who 10 years ago, knew absolutely NOTHING about betting - never mind trading! I'd only set foot in a betting shop ONCE - my bet on the Tottenham v Crystal Palace match lost and I vowed never to waste £10 like that again (damn you Spurs!! 😐).

Then, after being made redundant as a teacher (the THIRD time I'd lost my job this way!!) I decided I no longer wanted to be part of the soul-destroying rat race. I was sick to death of other people dictating my life. Being at the mercy of faceless suits and officials.

Besides, what kind of life was it anyway? Slaving away for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, not to mention the added chore of having to take prep work home with me. Half my weekend would be lost marking assignments and many evenings catching up on tedious, pointless admin. And I wasn't a school teacher, so don't go thinking I got 6 weeks summer holiday!!

The sadly retired Dulko. Oh Gisela, how I miss you so!

Although I liked my work for the most part, it felt as though I was on rails. A conveyor belt that I couldn't jump off because that would be too risky. I thought:

 "Surely there must be more to life than this?"

"Are we REALLY on this planet to spend 50+ hours a week working ourselves into the ground, too tired to do anything but slump in front of the TV each evening?"

"Proclaiming "Thank God It's Friday!!" every weekend, so relieved are we to get a lie-in and a stingy few hours doing things which might bring us joy?"

"So stressed and burnt out that we can't properly enjoy time with our loved ones?"

"Not truly able to relax till we are wrinkled and grey and our youth has evaporated?"

"And can we really even do that in today's economy, with a pensions crisis looming on the horizon?"

My biggest fear, one that kept me awake in the dead of night, one that kept creeping into my mind in those moments vegetating in front of some dire TV show, was that I would look back aged 70 and think:

"I've wasted my life."
"I could've done so much more."
"I wish I'd taken a few more risks."


That was what scared me most. I was starting to realise, as I hit my 30s, that time was no longer on my side. I needed to be thinking about my future, about my future FAMILY. I had nothing to show for my 3 decades on the planet:


In fact, I was in debt. THOUSANDS OF £££s of debt.

I started to panic. I was barely sleeping and my anxiety levels soared through the roof; adrenaline coursing through my veins, leaving me jittery and hyper. It felt like a heavy iron anvil, was slowly crushing and suffocating me. I felt like a failure. I was miserable. Life was slipping away from me.

But I knew there were people out there who were taking advantage of the internet to become masters of their own domain. And I wanted to be one of them.

"Why couldn't I be?"

"Were they really any different from me?"

I was gutted at losing my job but the more I thought about it, the more I realised that this was the opening I needed. Here was my opportunity to take a risk. I once read a great quote:

"Risk is the currency of the Gods"

I never truly understood what it meant till I began trading. You see, most of us live our lives in fear. It dictates our every move. But fear is just:





Most of what we are fearful of, is something that MIGHT happen.

  • It's why we are fearful of jacking in a job we hate and going for a new career.
  • It's why we won't take off on that round the world trip we always dreamed of.
  • It's why we won't talk to that hot girl we really fancy.
  • It's why we play it safe and stay stuck in our comfort zones.

We fear that something negative MIGHT happen. We focus on that rather than the potential positive outcome. We worry about losing what we already have, even if that means staying in a pathetic rut.

But nothing good ever came without some element of risk.

What I discovered is that to get the best life has to offer, we MUST take a risk. That doesn't mean a wild, thoughtless risk. It means a CALCULATED, SHREWD risk, where the downside is far outweighed by the potential upside.

I believe this is the key not only to trading successfully but to LIFE.


Maria Kirilenko was a steady player. You always got good consistency from her - few massive ups and downs. You'll learn to trade the same way with Sultan Tennis Trading.


I searched online for ways to make money from my laptop......that's when I discovered the wonderful world of sports trading!! A chance to make VAST sums of money trading, just like the Stock Market, but WAY more fun. Watching live sport rather than dull flashing numbers of companies you couldn't care less about.

Like betting, but without the nasty risk of losing your whole stake because you can reduce your losses in-play. And with the added bonus that it didn't matter if you picked the winner because you could change your position any time, cash-out early guaranteeing profit before things took a disastrous turn and even end up winning NO MATTER WHAT THE RESULT!!

So I put £100 into a Betfair account and learned to trade. It was a lot to me at the time and I don't mind admitting I was wetting my pants! But I knew I could always replace it if it didn't work out (I'd just have to get any old job to tide me by, cleaning the crusty crud off toilet bowls if it came to it!!) so - SMALL DOWNSIDE.

I also knew that the potential was there to make HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of ££££s - MASSIVE UPSIDE.


I began tennis trading seriously in 2010 after a few years of unsuccessful and frankly, very costly football trading!! Football markets are so tight and efficient, I couldn’t see where I could find an edge.

I found the tennis markets suited me much more than the slow, predictable football markets. They are exciting, vibrant, roller-coasters!! Plus, the season runs for 11 months a year (12 if you include the IPTL in December) and every week sees between 1 and 5 tournaments to trade - perfect if you are considering going full time as it is rarely quiet.

After a year of trading, I decided to start up my own blog (where my alias The Sultan was born!!): 

A detailed account of my daily life on the ladders. 


The first 3 months ended with my bank decimated, nerves shredded and on the brink of giving up trading forever. But I ploughed on (some said stupidly but I can tell you, they aren't laughing now!! 😏), made a few important changes with money management and lower stakes and over the next year, slowly began to turn things around. 

It took a lot of hard work and many ups and downs but eventually, I found a way of trading that suited me.

Seven years and OVER HALF A MILLION HITS later, the blog is still going.

The early days are full of horrendous trading stories and losing P&L screenshots! I never hid this on my blog, I was always honest about the bad times as well as the good. It's all there in full technicolour - every mistake I made (and trust me, I've made them ALL!!), every muscle I pulled through screaming with frustration and punching walls!!


But I've come a long way since then........

You see, I never gave up. I did it the hard way, granted!! I had no mentor, no one to really learn from and there simply weren't any good guides back then. I learned mostly though trial and error. 

But I persevered because I knew there was a small percentage (it's estimated around 5%) of traders who go on to be consistently profitable. I always said to myself:

 "Who says I'm not good enough, not special enough to be in the 5%"

"Why can't that be me?"

The truth is, there was absolutely no reason why not. I was proved correct. By 2014, I'd become a full time professional tennis trader, MAKING THOUSANDS OF £££s EVERY MONTH 😎

As each year went by, my stakes increased and so did my profit. I was in DREAM-LAND!! But it was very, very real.


I'd gone from being THOUSANDS of £££s in debt to THOUSANDS of £££s in profit. In fact, I did so well that I kept getting asked by readers of my blog for advice!! So I decided to give it to them!! I set up:


where I taught aspiring traders everything I'd learned. I no longer have time to run the academy but my guide has been on sale for 4 years now. I even managed to do a few Sultan Skype Sessions, where people were able to watch me trade shown here:

I'm really proud that I've been able to help others and hopefully, allowed them to go and be as successful as me.

Success as a trader has given me the money to get the life I'd always dreamed of and buy anything I've ever desired. But it's not about material things. So when I'm asked: 

"What's the greatest thing about being a tennis trader?"


 It's not regularly lying on a pristine white beach, dipping my toes into sumptuous, crystal-clear waters, skin gently toasted by a tropical sun whilst sipping fresh coconuts under an azure sky.

It's not slipping into 6th gear of my BMW Z4, soft-top down, light summer breeze cool against my face, whizzing like a silver bullet through sparse country lanes, flanked by gorgeous green pastures and rolling hills.

It's not even the uplifting sound of gratitude-filled laughter, warm hugs, genial slaps on the back and kisses deep from the heart from friends and family, as I'm able to treat and help them out whenever I feel like it.

The greatest thing is that new-found feeling of peace and serenity inside myself. That rock-solid confidence which comes from having total financial FREEDOM. Freedom to do what I want, when I want and never have to worry about losing my job or paying the rent again. Knowing that I'm in total control of my life. You can't put a price on any of that. 


This very thought still brings me to tears even now, whenever I recall my past struggles. Those awful days of panic, anxiety and hopelessness are GONE. The exhaustion and the depression and the constant stress have disintegrated......replaced by joy, vibrancy and a new zest.

  • Do you feel that something is missing in your life?
  • Do you feel a discomfort gnawing away at you every day?
  • Do you feel unsettled, unhappy or that you aren't at peace?
  • Do you feel anxious, stressed or depressed much of the time?

If so, I know exactly how you feel because I felt ALL of that......before tennis trading set me FREE.....

FREE from the rat race
FREE from financial constraints
FREE from lack and limitation

I feel youthful again, no longer tired and flat but full of childlike excitement and optimism. I'll take that feeling over ANYTHING money can buy.
Although I could continue making TAX FREE INCOME EVERY MONTH watching tennis for a living (which is a FANTASTIC life as it is!), I now want to move onto other things. To travel, write books, invest in property and help others create their dream life.

Imagine being able to finally do all those things that REALLY FULFILL you. Isn't that what life is supposed to be about? I would never be able to do this without the money I've made from trading, freeing me up to do what I want, when I want.  

Imagine yourself:

  • Spending more time with your kids or grandkids
  • Spending more time on the golf course improving your handicap
  • Spending more time tending the garden or allotment
  • Spending more time having adventures overseas
  • Spending more time having fun with your gadgets and hobbies
  • Spending more time building that business around your passion
  • Spending more time creating and playing music that makes your soul sing
  • Or spending more time partying and living the lifestyle of a hedonist!!

It certainly doesn't hurt being able to watch the likes of Julia Goerges every day, for a living!!
It's been an incredible rollercoaster of a journey and I feel extremely grateful for the amazing opportunity to make money that I would never have made in the rat race.

I wake up every morning knowing that all I have to do, is watch tennis and rinse and repeat the same strategies I've been using for years. I don't even need to do it every day. I take days off to spend with people I care about or jet off for a mini break any day of the week if I feel like it (No, it's not MY jet!! I'm not THAT rich!!😄).


Taking control of your finances. 
Taking control of your time
Taking control of your destiny
Taking control of your life

That initial £100 was the best investment I've ever made.

We are so lucky to live in a country that allows us the opportunity to make money from trading. Many countries don't. So why not take advantage of this huge slice of luck, this wonderful mode of making TAX FREE (in the UK) ££££?? 

Start learning TODAY and in a few  months or even WEEKS, you too could be dipping into that forever flowing river of ££££ in the tennis trading markets, where literally MILLIONS of ££££s are traded most days and even during A SINGLE match!


Here's what you will get in...


  • 14 easy to execute strategies that I use day-in, day-out
  • Advanced trading techniques for the more experienced trader
  • My overall philosophy about trading and how successful traders operate
  • Access to up to 40 minute long videos which show my thought processes whilst trading
  • Free updates and life-long access to the guide

        Sections on:
            • How to Find Value
            • How to Read Matches
            • Bank Management
            • Psychology
            • Trading Styles 
            • Professional Trading  
            • Common Mistakes
            • Trading Myths
            • Managing Expectations
            • Selecting Matches

                What's in the NEW UPDATED 2018 VERSION?

              • 3 New Psychology Sections
              • Updated Match Reading Section 
              • Extra Book Section
              • Easier to Read Guide

              This is not a collection of  practice or entry-level strategies. These are REAL, MONEY-MAKING STRATEGIES that were devised by me alone over a 2-3 year period.

              I don't spend ages waffling about basic things such as  how to set up your PC screen, how to use Betfair or how to use trading software. That info can be easily found for free. The info that can't be found for free is my strategies and that is what I concentrate on.

               WHAT YOU WILL LEARN

              All screenshots used within the guide are actual trades I've done specifically for the guide and so are explained fully - exactly what I did and why. I also go into detail about how you should be approaching the markets. Telling you how professional traders think about the markets and how they act within them - you might be surprised at how differently they operate to your average, unsuccessful trader!!


              Most traders don't make profit because they don't understand the correct way to approach trading. Once you understand that, you can then use my strategies and start becoming profitable. You will then be in a position to create your own strategies and potentially become EVEN MORE SUCCESSFUL THAN ME!! Why limit yourself to just a few hundred thousand?😉


              is not simply about exit and entry points. It's an overall view of what it takes to become a successful trader  - something most traders never learn because they are too hung up on looking for the "golden egg laying goose". The sooner you realise this doesn't exist but there are still ways to beat the market, the sooner you can start to make money.


              • Protecting your bank
              • Letting winning trades run
              • Re-investing your profit
              • Thinking like a pro
              • Spotting value
              • Controlling your mind
              • Preventing chasing
              • Cutting your losses 
              • Understanding tennis matches & markets
              • And of course.....making a ton of cash CONSISTENTLY!!

              My guide is not about shoving a bunch of generic, wildly different strategies in your face and saying "See how you get on with that lot!!" 

              What you don't want is to be overwhelmed with strategies but have no solid foundation underpinning them. You will just end up as a typical "boom or bust", "feast or famine", unstable, inconsistent, "95% of losers" trader.

              My aim is to build you into a ROCK-SOLID, CONFIDENT, CONSISTENT, ALL-ROUNDER, who will profit long term and STAY in the 5% of winning traders for life.

              WHY BUY FROM ME?

              Experience working with members of

              over several years, has given me a unique insight into the errors that traders make and that gives me a HUGE ADVANTAGE when it comes to writing a guide.

              I understand the general mistakes traders make and so the advice I give in the guide (which is the same one I gave to academy members) is based on real-life experiences.

              By understanding what those errors are, you should save yourself months or even YEARS of going down the wrong path. Not to mention all the busted banks, wasted hard-earned cash, sleepless nights and sore head (and fists!) from banging repeatedly against furniture in frustration!!

              8 YEARS OF TRADING

              You have to go a long way to find that kind of experience. Many traders in my academy told me they learned more in one or two MONTHS with me than in one or two YEARS struggling by themselves!!

              Sharapova isn't the most gifted player but she's a champ because she never gives up and fights harder than anyone else. Copy her example and you will succeed as a trader.

              Here are what some of those traders had to say:

              (The first quote is from a person who kindly offered to write a review! All other testimonials were unprompted personal emails)


               "Quite simply, you are learning from one of the best tennis traders in the world - period. There might be court-siders and other cheaters with fast video pics out there making more money but if you are just a normal guy who wants to make some cash from his own computer, you will not find a better teacher than The Sultan. 

              This guide has honestly changed my life and I'm not being over dramatic! Before this I was a consistent loser on Betfair. No matter how hard I tried, and I tried just about every known system going, I would always end up throwing away whatever profit I managed to fluke! I have no doubt that I would still be losing money right now if I had not bought Sultan Tennis Trading. But I'm not! 

               Instead, after just a few weeks of religiously following not just the strategies but crucially, the ideas and philosophies of The Sultan, I cut out most of my bad habits and my P&L became more balanced and stable. Within a few months of just part time trading in my spare time I was consistently profitable and a year later I was ready to go pro!

              I managed to turn a nice little bit of extra pocket-money into a full time job in just 12 months and I knew very little about tennis at the start. Trust me when I say the info packed into this guide is so much more than mere strategies. It is clear within seconds that The Sultan knows the tennis markets inside out and I've also seen him trade live in his Skype Sessions (and followed his blog for years!) and he is simply the real deal. 

              There aren't many real pros out there who are willing to teach you all they know, so this is gold-dust! Don't even hesitate if you are thinking of buying - just do it!"

              Pete (Guide Owner) 

              "Regarding your guide it's the best money I've ever invested in to the journey of learning to trade, it's given my confidence the perfect boost & optimism that I can push forward. I put your guide in to practise through out the finals & it is a brilliant one I must say. My strategies have mainly been based on breaks of serve so once i read yours i couldn't wait to put yours in to practise, it made me realise that my whole existing setup from when to apply strategies combined with the entry & exit points along with my staking was rather messy & quite frankly not good enough & in turn causing me to end up frustrated then things turning in to out right bets etc. 

              The strategies, entry/exit points & staking in your guide are brilliant, naming each strategy is a great idea & I've found it so hopeful. I found the whole setup regarding the guide made me very patient, calm & very disciplined while trading the finals. The reds were kept very low & the greens were good & some were close to being huge. It's the most i'd enjoyed trading for a long time & I'm really looking forward to the new season."  

              Ashley (Academy Member)

               "I am in the middle of reading of your excellent guide, it is the best  tennis trading website I've seen and to be honest I am glad you only charge as little as you do because the information you share is priceless!"

              Pawel (Guide Owner)

              "Hi Sultan,

              I would like to describe my impressions. It will be hard for me on English (especially tenses) but I will try.

              First of all I'm so proud because I'm member of your academy. Last two months I learned about trading much more than last two years. I learned a lot about discipline, way of thinking,way of looking in trade. Also directly from your guide I learned about strategy in trade and how achieve them. In the beginning they almost blew my mind but I start to used them.

              Of course I'm somehow at the start of journey, but for me is so great improve. You opened my eyes and I finally may see light in the end of trading tunnel. Now I'm enjoying looking tennis matches much, much more than before. I may look them even if I know that maybe not be involving in trade. And I may do that with relax mind. Before I didn't do this.

              Before I saw "opportunity" for trade in every set a few times. Now I somehow recognized what is risk/reward and when is good for me. Now I don't go in trade without good reason.
              Before I always involved in trade. And my account always was in little plus or in little minus, but I blow it without discipline when I had big losing trades. I couldn't go out when trades go in red. Now I don't do this. I don't go in trade if it's not describe in your guide. Also I think I cannot blow my account again."
              Miroslav (Academy Member)

              "The Strategy Guide is really well written and I've been through it a couple of times now and there's nothing like it out there that I've read. The way I look at it, you can spend £40 on a cheap guide with generic strategies that everyone knows about already or you can get something that is a bit different that not many people know about, where the author actually uses the strategies every week. You get what you pay for at the end of the day and your guide is well worth the money in my opinion. "

                                                                 Craig (Guide Owner)

              "Before joining the academy I really couldn't be consistently profitable which is the same as saying I was part of the 95% of Betfair users who lose money in the long term.

              After joining the academy I was expecting to get some secret and magic formula to trade for huge profit. After months of hard work with fantastic feedback from you, I've learnt what it takes to be a professional trader. 

              Today I'm still learning and improving but I'm no longer in the 95% of those Betfair users. So, thank you very much for all your patience and for teaching me so much.  You didn't give me the fish but you taught me how to fish...and how damn I love fishing! :)
              Rui (Academy Member)

              No more Ana Ivanovic I'm afraid! But still plenty of beauties to watch in the WTA 😉

              BONUS NO. 1

              OK, here's where you normally expect some sort of "incredible" bonus which you'll get when you buy. A drastically price-cut extra, which you weren't really that bothered about anyway and clearly wasn't worth anywhere near what is being claimed!!

              Listen, I'm not offering any bonuses and here's why

              YOU DON'T NEED A BONUS!!  

              Bonuses are just added to bulk up the product. Sure, I could pad my guide with 50+ other strategies I know. But the fact is, I only use the ones in the guide. They are all you need. And it would be disingenuous to stick in a bunch of strategies that I have no idea if they actually work.

              My policy is to keep things simple. This guide is as streamlined as possible, so you get to the meat of the info you need. I could add in dozens more pages showing you how to set up your work-space and PC, how to use Betfair, how to use trading software. But you can get that info ANYWHERE. It's generic crap that I won't waste your time with.

              So I'm just gonna be straight; there are no bonuses because too much can be a bad thing. Most traders over-complicate trading. They get lost in the tremendous amounts of detail and end up overwhelmed and failing. My guide is simple, straightforward and focused on getting you to where you need to be as smoothly as possible. END OF.

              Right, let's continue my friend!! I suppose you'll have a few questions swirling around that gigantic brain of yours!!😀

              Dominica Cibulkova has made me literally tens of thousands alone, down the years!


              Do I need a big bank/start up cash to be profitable?

              NO!! You can start with as little as £10 though I recommend at least £50. Start off small while you learn, then re-invest your profit or add more to your bank as you improve. You can be making large amounts of profit with just a few hundred pounds.

              How long will it take me to be making decent profit?

              It depends on the person, your trading experience, how often you can trade and many other factors. If you are a quick learner, put in the time and effort and don't expect to be an instant millionaire, you could be consistently profitable in a few weeks, though the average person will probably need a few months. But I've seen people in my academy pick it up INSTANTLY.

              This is not a get rich quick scheme; trading is a skill which takes time to learn and discipline to master. It's not a case of just clicking a few buttons on auto-pilot and the magic money tree appears!! Anyone who tries to tell you it is, is a fraud. 

              But I will say this; ANYONE can do this, with enough discipline and patience. The screenshots here are all real and all possible without a mega-bank of tens of thousands of pounds.

              I don't know anything about tennis/maths/stats - can I still be a successful trader?

              You don’t need to be a mathematical genius or a statistics freak or an expert on tennis. I was poor at maths, hated statistical analysis and knew very little about tennis when I started my trading journey.

              Of course, you will need to learn about tennis and betting exchanges but I repeat: ANYONE can do this. I don't care who you are or what your background is. I'm still not great at maths or statistical analysis (I barely use either!) but I get by just fine!

              Successful traders are not some sort of gifted breed. They are normal people who have grafted and persevered long after most traders have given up. Anyone can learn the skills that made them successful.

              Do you really use these strategies yourself?

              YES!! Even 5 years after I started using them, I still use every single strategy in the guide and they still work just as well today.

              Could I lose money with your strategies?

              You should only ever trade with money you can afford to lose. No strategy can promise you will not lose your bank. However, if you follow my advice it is IMPOSSIBLE to lose your bank QUICKLY and it would take DOZENS of losing trades in a row (which even during my worst spells, I have never done).

              I'm not gonna sugar coat things and tell you how easy it's going to be. It will take work to be as successful as me. But the rewards are MORE than worth it. Maybe you don't want to do this full time and make the huge amounts I do. If you are just looking for some extra cash, a part time or spare time income, then of course, it's going to be easier!

              Can I place trades automatically or do I need to be at the screen?

              You need to be at the screen. It's important you are watching the match. 

              Why would you give away your strategies if they work for you?

              Because despite the fact that these strategies WILL work in the right hands, not everyone has the right hands! Having worked with many traders in my academy, I can tell you that some people just don't have the patience or the determination required to be a trader.

              Most people give up too soon, when if they had persevered, they would've eventually been successful. So it doesn't bother me who knows my strategies. There is plenty of money in the tennis markets for many people to be successful with them. But the fact is, most people just don't try hard enough.

              Don't be one of those mugs!

              I also know that most people will not buy this guide because they want something for nothing. Only a SELECT, EXCLUSIVE few will purchase and that suits me fine. I only want people who are willing to put in the time and effort - SHREWD people. Impatient types who want a magic-money tree, will never succeed with ANY strategy.

              Oh, and believe it or not, I actually get a lot of pleasure out of helping people make money or even changing their lives!

              Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

              Unfortunately, I cannot offer refunds under any circumstances. This is because there are some unscrupulous people who try to get strategies for free by asking for a refund once they've already purchased.

              What I will say is this; if you really want success, you WILL get it. Because you will not stop until you have it. Because you have the right mindset. If the first thing you are thinking is "Can I get a refund?", then that is the wrong mindset. Start to think "I don't need a refund because I'm going to MAKE this work," and you are halfway there to success. It might not sound like much but as you will learn in my guide, psychology is HUGELY important.

              What else will I need to start trading and be profitable?

              Some trading software (not expensive), a laptop and at least £50 to put into your Betfair account. I don't "courtside", I'm not part of a syndicate and I don't use "fast pics". There's no cheating or high investment required.

              How do I access the guide?

              The guide is on a private blog. This is because it is much quicker and easier for me to update the guide online than on a PDF ebook. It also keeps the information strictly for those who have bought the guide, so you'll know that the information remains fairly exclusive.

              You will be re-directed to another page after you purchase - PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THIS PAGE CAREFULLY as they will tell you how to access the guide.

              Please note that it might take a few hours before you are able to access the guide, depending on how long it takes Paypal to send me email confirmation of your order. Usually it is less than 2 hours but please allow at least 24 hours, just to be safe. Every person who has bought my guide has been able to access it within this time period.

              How do I contact you if I have any problems?

              Via email using the contact form on my blog CENTRE COURT TRADING. I check my email every day and will always reply promptly when I can. I pride myself on good customer service and will always answer any questions you have, provided they are reasonable.

              10 years ago, I'd never even heard of Caroline Wozniacki. I'd barely watched any tennis for many years. It didn't stop me becoming successful as a tennis trader!!


              BUT HURRY!!!



              Because I'm going travelling for an extended period (thanks to the new lifestyle I can now afford due to my trading profit!!) and will simply not have the broadband access to deal with the admin required.

              So this could be the last chance you get to buy the guide, as it's possible I will not be putting it on sale EVER AGAIN.

              NEW UPDATED 2018 VERSION!!


              If the price worries you, consider this; you can see in the screenshots I've included, that I was able to make the cost of this guide AND WAY MORE with just ONE trade!


              It works out at  
              LESS THAN £11 A MONTH 
              over 1 year!!

              That's less than £11 a month to learn how to create an income which could potentially earn you HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF £££££s in the years to come.

              THINK ABOUT THAT

              For the price of a couple of coffees in Costa or two beers (if you're lucky!!) per week, you could end up learning enough so you can afford a whole Costa franchise or the whole pub in a few years!!

              Stained teeth and a hangover


              Knowledge that could earn you enough to:
              • Quit the rat race
              • Leave the daily grind
              • Pay off all those credit and loan debts
              • Work from home in your underwear watching sport all day (yes, I actually do this!)
              • Tell your boss where to stick it
              • Go on that round the world trip (in first class!)
              • Start up your own business
              • Keep your other half in designer clothing (and never bat an eyelid at the cost!!)
              • Buy the best seats at any sporting event
              • Drive that top of the range car you've always dreamed about......
              • Or simply provide special treats for your little uns and get your mates a round whenever the whim strikes you!!?

              Imagine that feeling of pure elation as you tick off each joyous moment on that list above and life becomes easier, more comfortable and more FUN!!

              IT'S A NO-BRAINER!!

              NEW UPDATED 2018 VERSION!! 



              P.S. Don't think like a losing trader or bettor. They only think short term. The PROS always think LONG TERM


              As with anything that has potential to make some serious money, you should view this as an investment and focus long term.
              You should be skeptical of anything that offers you something for almost nothing. I didn't slave away for years to give away all my hard work for a couple of pounds 😉 

              MUG v SHREWDIE

              The Mug Trader

              A mug trader thinks they can make millions without putting in any effort. They are looking for a quick fix, something for nothing, a lazy automated system that will churn out notes like a printing press - the golden egg laying goose!

              A mug trader buys a guide as cheap as possible, tries it out for a week or two, gives up when he hasn't made enough to quit his job and complains about how the guide was a waste of money and the strategies don't work!!

              So a mug trader would never buy this guide because I'm telling you now, this IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME!! You will have to put some work in.

              But it needn't be the blood, sweat and tears that I put in. Follow my advice and it won't be anywhere near as tough. I've done the hard graft so you don't have to.

              The Shrewd Trader

              The shrewd trader knows that an easy way to great profit doesn't exist. That if it did, EVERYONE would be doing it. But they also realise that there IS a way. And that it doesn't come for nothing.

              The shrewd trader isn't so bitter and twisted that they think there is no way at all to make money trading. That it's all a conspiracy and that the average Joe can never profit against the big boys.

              They realise it's thinking like this that keeps most traders in the 95% of long term LOSERS.

              I'm here to tell the shrewd among you that you are RIGHT. I'm here to show you how to stay in the 5%. The consistent, long term WINNERS.

              And always remember:

              "Risk is the currency of the Gods"

              I risked £100. I made HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of £££££s


              I'm just an ordinary guy. It could be you too.


              NEW UPDATED 2018 VERSION!!